Your Ability to Heal is Woven

Into The Fabric Of Your Being.

Your ability to heal is woven Into The Fabric Of Your Being.

Woven Holistic Wellness is founded in the belief that your ability to heal is woven into the fabric of your being. My goal is to guide you on your healing journey, weaving together a variety of holistic wellness modalities to identify and remedy the root cause of dis-ease occurring within. Supporting you in returning to harmony in body, mind, and spirit while focusing on the importance of caring for your Lymphatic system and whole-body detoxification.

Hannah Craig Wellness

Hi, I'm Hannah

Founder of Woven Holistic Wellness, alternative health enthusiast, lover of nature and crunchy Momma to two. Throughout my journey to pure health, I experienced personal growth and expanded my knowledge and skills along the way which now allows me to support others in healing in body, mind, and spirit. My life’s purpose and passion are serving my community through preventive health counseling and root cause healing by educating and supporting you on the importance of lymphatic health, detoxification, and whole-body wellness. My focus will always be encouraging your innate power to heal, honoring your unique needs, and humbly guiding you back to a state of pure health.


Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET): The lymphatic system, along with its immune cells, has the job of protecting and keeping the body clean.The lymphatic and immune systems work together, offering your body both protection and elimination. If your body cannot eliminate waste, other bodily functions suffer. Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy is a non-invasive method that relieves inflammation and boosts immune function by moving lymph fluid through your body.



The AO Scan Mobile is a bio-feedback machine, frequency generator, and educational tool that scans your entire body determines which areas are energetically out of balance, and sends the exact frequencies you need to harmonize and restore homeostasis for your well-being, addressing both emotional and physical health challenges.


When I made my first appointment with Hannah, I had no idea it would be such a relaxing experience. She explained LET to me, and how it differs from other lymphatic therapies, (which was a huge stress off of me, since it saved me having to do a deep dive into researching it, like I do with everything in life) but I didn't expect it to be such a spa-like, self care kind of treatment. Full massage table, soothing music, eye mask, the works.

I looked into the treatment because I had clogged lymph nodes from a head cold a few weeks prior that weren't budging no matter what I did. After my first session, my lymph nodes were noticeably less painful, and after each session they were better and better.

I've had chronically swollen lymph nodes for years, and they are smaller than they've been in a very long time. I'm absolutely adding this to my regular self care regimen moving forward.

Lindsey O.

I am so amazed and thankful for Hannah and the AO Scan.  It has helped me so much with some health issues I've experienced.  The Inner Voice and SEFI Frequencies helped calm me through challenging times of stress and when experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.  It has also helped me get better from colds/flu faster than I have using my other holistic remedies.  The real wow moment for me was when the device identified my MTHFR mutation.  I had two tests years ago so I knew it was correct.  It also helped my son when he had a gum abscess and we were able to avoid antibiotics. I am truly grateful for this technology and Hannah's support.

Abby H.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with the AO Scan Mobile and working with Hannah. It is so nice to have a non-invasive tool to identify energetic imbalances in my body. After meeting with Hannah I have had more energy than I have in years. I was able to run a ton of errands and still go home and clean the house and make dinner for my family. I found that overall my mood was so much better than it usually is. Things that would normally really upset me didn’t even register as nuisances. I am so grateful for this tool.

Simone S.

Hannah created such a serene atmosphere with dim salt lamps, essential oils diffusing, and her calming demeanor. This gave me a nice opportunity to relax during my entire session after a long day of work! I have suffered from chronic illness for several years and was finally ready to address my lymphatic health. After my first session I could feel my body detoxing, felt fuzzy in my head, drank lots of water and took my supportive supplements, a couple hours later, my mental clarity improved significantly, and I had a big boost in energy! The next morning, I did a bioresonance scan on my body and the results showed that my liver, spleen, protein metabolism and detox pathways were all greatly improved. After many failed attempts to restore my health, I am hopeful this will be the missing piece to helping my body finally clear out years of built-up toxins! Looking forward to my next session.

Bailie G.

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