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Hannah Craig Holistic Practitioner

Hi, I'm Hannah

I have been on a holistic health journey for myself and family for 8 years and practicing as a holistic practitioner for 3 years. Following a traumatic birth experience with my first born catapulted my body into a downward health crisis which is where my path began. I was left with very few answers from medical professionals and had no choice but to take my health back into my own hands. The journey has been long but worth all the personal growth, knowledge and experience I have gained along the way.

Your Journey To Wellness

The soil and roots of your being are your foundation and give way to your ability to thrive, when disrupted by trauma, disease or even left unattended, we are left surviving. My passion is helping others thrive in body, mind, and spirit, you must water all 3 gardens to achieve harmony within.


I have learned over the years that there is no one size fits all methodology to healing, which is why my focus will always be supporting your innate power to heal, honoring your unique needs and humbling, guiding you back to a state of pure health. Through my services we will begin your path to healing by combining the use of bioresonance technology, energy healing, nutrition, and supplements (including homeopathy and herbs) to fully address your emotional and physical well-being.


I have been blessed to experience both the allopathic and holistic medicine worlds as a professional, both of which have taught me an abundance about health. As a Speech Language Pathologist working in the allopathic world with adults in acute care trauma hospitals, I thought I knew it all. Until I didn’t. Following my traumatic birth experience, I found myself with a heap of challenging health issues with very few answers from allopathic medical professionals. I had no choice but to take my health back into my own hands. This is when the veil began to lift, I had been witnessing many of my patients make little and slow progress the more time they spent in the hospitals and now this very same thing was happening to me. I made a choice; I did not want to experience the same outcomes as them. I opened my heart and mind to the holistic wellness world and have not looked back. I am, honored, excited, and grateful you are choosing to walk your health journey with me.


Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology
Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy
IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback
Bioresonance Technologies

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