What is An AO Bio-feedback Scan?

The AO Scan Mobile helps you get a closer look at your emotional, biological, and physical well-being from an energetic perspective, and helps you restore balance to your overall health at a quantum level!

AO Mobile Bio-Feedback Scan

 This device is a bio-feedback machine, frequency generator, and educational tool that scans your entire body, determines which areas are energetically out of balance, and sends the exact frequencies you need to harmonize and restore homeostasis for your well-being, addressing both emotional and physical health challenges. The AO Scan Mobile has several programs to address all areas of wellness including Inner Voice (emotions), Vitals (blood biology) and Comprehensive (anatomy including all body systems).

The Benefits of a Bio-feedback AO Scan

Brings balance within body, mind and spirit through the use of bioresonance technology.

Addresses imbalances in your blood biology such as toxins, hormones, food/environmental sensitivities, parasites, bacteria, fungus, vitamins and minerals and much more.

Identifies the top 4 emotional imbalances you are experiencing using the Inner Voice program.

It can address an estimated 80% of diseases that stem from emotional components

It is able to send frequencies from a comprehensive list of over 3,000 physical and emotional issues to help support your body in healing, this includes things like thyroid support, hormonal imbalances, pain, acute illnesses, detoxification of viruses and bacteria, gastrointestinal issues and much more.

The AO Scan Mobile is an educational tool and is not a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Experience it for yourself!

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